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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

translation (scroll down)

Adhsaya Piravi / Adhisaya Piravi / Athisaya Piravi
Language: Tamil
Year: 1990

Song used in this clip:
Holiday Rap by MC Miker G and DJ Sven link (download link is at the bottom of that page)
fast forward to 3:33 in the mp3 file. lyrics

Youtube clip of the song: MC Miker G and DJ Sven - Holiday Rap



mom: ada ada.., what's with the early morning party here. go outside, everyone leave.
apap apap.., why not take a little rest honey. take some rest.

rajini: ok.

kid: student, give me one beedi.

rajini: hey, small children shouldn't smoke.

kid: [older] bro, i am 10 years older than you. do you know. you better give it to me.

rajini: what if i don't?

kid: i'll cut you head off.

rajini: here you go, very good(?)

kid: eeeeh, pooosh!

word by word translation:
ada ada ada = just shows the lady's disapproval of what's happening...

kalan-kaathalai = early morning
inge = here
enna-da = what
kooth = party

ponga-da = go
veleya = outside

ellam = everyone
ponga-da = go

apap apap ap.. = just shows the lady is just tired of this stuff (similar to sigh)

en-da = why
kanne = honey (kanne really means eye, but it is used similar to "what's wrong 'honey'")
konjum = a little
oive = rest
edeth-kudathe = take-not

oive = rest
edeth-ko-apa = take some


little dude:
sisyan = student

oru = one
beedi = (cheap cigarette of Inida)
kodu = give [me]

dey / hei / aei = similary to "hey"

chinna = small
pasanga = children [boys]
beedi = (cheap cigarette of Inida)
kudika-kudathe-da = drink-not / smoke-not

little dude:
anna = bro / brother
nan = i
unna-oda = than you
pathu = 10
vaysu = years
perivan = older

theriuma = do you know

olunga = you better
beedi = (cheap cigarette of Inida)
kodu = give [me]

illena = what if i don't

little dude:
cheev-irvan = (slang for) i'll chop you head off / cut your throat

intan-ge = here you go
anne intan-ge = here you go brother (being respetful)
very good = ?

little dude:
eeeeh, pooosh!


characters in this clip:
lady = mother of the big guy (just in the movie)

big guy = this is SuperStar Rajini (Rajinikanth) in his early days /
he is very famous among Tamils (Tamil Nadu, India) (just say Rajini or SuperStar and they'll know who ur talking about)

his movies are getting some attention in Japan nowadays (believe it or not japanese people seem to be interested in Tamil movies / and now lots of youtube fans too)

little guy = his name is King Kong (someone said it was in the credits of the movie). he is a migit actor and i think i have seen him in a few other movies too.


you guys should check out other tamil movies from the 70's, 80's, 90's, some are equally funny. especially the ones with Goundamani and Senthil in it. it'd be nice if it all had translations but sadly most of them don't.

Monday, September 25, 2006

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